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There are a lot of myths about why the picture of the Danish/Norwegian naval hero Tordenskiold decorates the match boxes.

The truthful statement about why a daredevil advertises for safety matches.
Many years ago there was a man called H. E. Gosch.
About 1870 his director Ludvig Hintze, who manufactured matches, sent H. E. Gosch to Copenhagen in order to sell machines for production of matches. In Copenhagen he met a man called A. Sørensen who made ornaments for gravestones.
Sørensen bought the machines, rented rooms at Christianshavn, Copenhagen and formed the factory Ludvig Hintzes Efterflg., A. Sørensen.
From his time in Germany H. E. Gosch knew all about production of matches and became an employee.
A.Sørensen and his wife learned how to make matches. Gosch travelled as salesman.
At that time the name Tordenskiold turned up. They wanted to export matches to Sweden (Swedish match production was world-famous) and Mrs. Sørensen suggested the name Tordenskiold because he had earlier defeated the Swedes!
This is why the picture from 1719 of Tordenskiold since 1865 has decorated the matches from Gosch.
Gosch and Sørensen separated. With two pharmacists Gosch took over Sørensen’s factory and in 1883 the trademark Tordenskiold.
The following years the company changed its name and in 1898 H. E. Gosch died.
Since 1972 the Gosch match factories are owned by the Swedes and the naval hero has changed look several times and the name is now spelled Tordenskjold.

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