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The prince on the matchbox.

Rudolph Nielsen launched in 1904 “Hellerup Tændstikfabrik”.
He purchased modern, automatic “all-round” machines, which only required little operation. But because of a lot of problems with the machines they preferred a more traditional way of manufacture.
Their trademark was Prince Christian, the future King Christian the 10. He indicated a Danish product and secured a large market in South Jutland, Denmark.

In 1912 the factory employed some 50 men and women.
Matches and matchboxes were made of wood. For this they used some 10.000 big tree trunks which were carried by ship from Russia to Tuborg Port, Copenhagen.
In 1921 the factory merged with “Glødefri Tændstikfabrik” and the production was moved to Heimdalsgade on Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
“Hellerup Tændstikfabrik” and “Glødefri Tændstikfabrik” existed up to 1960.

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